The attractive small village of Clynnog Fawr, noted for its spiritual connections and appealing atmosphere, nestles midway between Caernarfon and Pwllheli. 

Firmly rooted on the Pilgrims Trail, Clynnog Fawr village, is an appealing cluster of stone built houses, an ancient church and three public houses. 

The large St Beuno’s church dates from the sixteenth century and is built on foundations laid by St Beuno in the seventh century. A very important stopping point for pilgrims on their way to Bardsey Island, the church was probably funded by the pilgrims’ contributions and shows an appealing mix of monastic simplicity with wealthier ornamentation. Within the church there is a curious wood chest carved from a solid tree, believed to be medieval and used for monetary offerings. Outside the church is a sundial dating from the tenth century.

In the chapel adjacent to the bell tower, can be seen St Beuno’s Stone, probably dating from the eighth century and inscribed with a cross.

St Beuno was of royal descent and was considered one the greatest of the Welsh Celtic saints, second only to St David. He is attributed with great spiritual strengths including the means to walk on water and remarkable healing powers, including the ability to replace severed heads!  

Not far from the church is St Beuno’s Well, the waters of which are said to have notable ability to cure all sorts of ailments.

Whilst in Clynnog Fawr, its worthwhile taking a short stroll to view the burial chamber, Clynnog Dolmen or Bachwen. Spectacularly situated, overlooking the sea, this dolmen comprises four uprights supporting a wedge shaped, cup marked capstone. 

The beach at Clynnog Fawr is reached via a tree-lined path with a stream running alongside. The beach is mainly pebbly, though large areas of sand and rock pools are accessible at low tide. St Beuno himself was thought to have got the inspiration for his sermons, whilst walking this same stretch of coastline!

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